11.-14.06.2014 EU Module Exercise in Tinglev / Denmark

On 10 June at 09:47 hours UTC an earthquake with a magnitude of 8,1 hit Modexland about 250 km from the north-western coast. The earthquake has generated a tidal wave washing ashore over the south-eastern coast with the height of around 10 m.Wide spread flooding caused by the tidal wave moving a few kilometres inland has affected several million people along the coastal and lowland regions in Modexland. A number of storm barriers have been destroyed, which has caused extensive flooding to the region. Faced with complex challenges, Modexland requested international assistance through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

In response to the request for international assistance a team of five UCP experts supported by a multinational TAST, comprised of technical experts from Finland and Germany, arrived in the heavily affected area of Tinglev on Wednesday the 11th of June. Upon arrival the UCP experts instantly started their work by coordinating the incoming international assistance, namely three Medium Urban Search and Rescue (M-USAR) teams from Iceland, Italy and Sweden.



After a short and labor intensive night, during which the On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC) and the Base of Operation (BoO) were setup, the M-USAR started their rescue operations in the early hours of Thursday morning. While people were continuously rescued from the debris of buildings the coordination efforts to ensure a quick and efficient support of the Local Emergency Management Authority (LEMA) were stepped up.

Through their comprehensive technical and operational knowledge TAST experts were able to contribute in reducing the heavy workload put on the UCPT, and therefore smoothening the overall operational flow.

The joint effort of everyone involved ensured that the much needed assistance for Modexland was provided and that lifes were saved, so that on Saturday the 14th of June 2014 the decision was made to relocate all modules, the UCPT and TAST.


The EU Module Exercise provided great opportunities for the participants to demonstrate their skills in a realistic setting, but also a unique learning opportunity for everyone involved.

And a very special KIITOS to our finish TAST colleagues Aku, Kati, Tero and Tom for their excellent support, despite their missing luggage ;) 

27.-30.05.2013 EU Module Exercise in Haapsalu / Estonia

In the aftermath of a heavy earthquake followed by a tsunami, the fictional country of EULAND faced severe challenges along their affected coastline and requested international assistance from the EU. 

On the 27th of May 2013 a team of six EUCP experts arrived in the heavily affected area of Haapsalu to support the Local Emergency Management Authority (LEMA) in assessing the current needs as well as to coordinate the incoming international assistance. 

The assessment and coordination efforts of EUCPT were supported by a Geman-Finnish TAST that provided assistance by setting up and running an On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC) including support in the fields  telecommunication, administration, logistics and transport.       



With a HCP Module from Poland, an AMP from Italy as well as a CBRN Module from Portugal and excellent cooperation and coordination on-site the EU was able to provide the much needed assistance to EULAND during the three day long deployment. 

The operational phase in the area of Haapsalu ended on the morning of Thursday the 30th of May 2013, when all modules were relocated to Venice.


The EU Module Exercise provided a very challenging environment for all teams to further train their operational procedures and test their interopability with other modules. Not only was the exercise a great opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their skills, but also a unique learning opportunity for everyone involved.   

A special thanks goes to the excellent support from our three Finnish TAST colleagues Jari, Mikko and Tero!

22.-26.04.2013 EUCC II Exercise in Kuopio / Finland


From Monday the 22nd to Friday the 26th of April EUTAC TAST participated in the EUCC II exercise which was organized by the Crisis Management Centers (CMC) of Finland as part of their EU Cold Conditions Module Project. Special attention of the exercise was put on oparations in extreme weather conditions, as well as on aspects of Coordination and Assessments in multi-national field teams.

Besides EU and UNDAC experts from various European countries several Technical Assistance and Support Teams (TAST) from Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Luxemburg and the UK took part in the exercise. The participants operated in two mixed OSOCCs that had to handle a severe flood event in the fictional country of Botniastan. The main task of the expert team was to assess the needs in the affected areas as well as to coordinate the incoming international assistance in close cooperation with the Local Emergency Management Authority (LEMA). During their efforts the experts were supported by TASTs in the fields of telecommunication, administration, logistics and transport.

The EUCC II exercise provided a unique opportunity for EUTAC TAST to familiarize with the specific operational considerations in extreme weather conditions as well as to train how to operate in multi-national TASTs. Such exercises do not only provide a framework to exchange experiences and learn from each other, it also builds and strengthens international networks, both indispensable aspects for future EUCP inteventions.

09-10 March 2013: Equipment Meeting in Hamburg

From Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th of March EUTAC volunteers met in the warehouse in Hamburg to prepare the TAST equipment for the upcoming EUCC II exercise, which will be held from the 22nd to the 26th of April in Kuopio, Finland. The exercise will be the final event of the Cold Conditions Module Project of the Crisis Management Center (CMC) and will pose new challenges and a great learning opportunity for the EUTAC TAST.

For further details see: http://www.cmcfinland.fi/pelastus/cmc/home.nsf/pages/AA2F2715F8F98C8EC22577A7004AE719


Further was the meeting in Hamburg held to take care of the necessary arrangements to relocate the equipment of all Johanniter EU-Teams (EUTAC, EURAMET and EURACARE) from Hamburg to the Johanniter unit Staging Area, Logistics and Training (SALT) in Frankfurt, where it will be stored and maintained from April/May 2013.

25-27 September 2012: Exercise Peregrine Sword

From the 25th to the 27th of September a Technical Assistance and Support Team (TAST) participated in the NATO exercise Peregrine Sword. The exercise was organized by the 1. German Netherlands Corps and took place in the northern part of Bavaria. While the military practiced on the training ground in Wildflecken the so called "White Cell", which represented the civilian world in the exercise, trained Bad Brückenau.

During the exercise, which was held in the fictional country TYTAN, the actors involved were confronted with a complex emergency scenario. The main task of the Johanniter TAST was to establish and operate an On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC). Besides the Johanniter TAST various international organizations such as UN OCHA, IOM and WFP participated. This highly realistic setting provided an excellent framework for the TAST to train how to deal with the multiple challenges in supporting the coordination efforts during international disaster relief missions.


06-08 May 2011: EU Field Excercise in Ossendrecht

From May 6th til 8th 2011 a EUTAC TAST team participated in an EU Field Exercise.
The exercise took part in the dutch police academy training center located in Ossendrecht, and was based on a storm-flood scenarion.

an Advanced Medical Post with Surgery from Italy as well as High Capacity Pumping (HCP) teams from Czech Republic and Belgium took part in the exercise.

The modules involved worked very effectively together and made it a lasting learning experience for everyone present.

For further information please go to www.modexeu.com

04-06 Mar 2011: EU Field Excercise in Weeze

From March 4th til 6th a EUTAC TAST team participated in an EU Field Exercise. The exercise took place in the BOTC training center in Weeze.

Besides the EUTAC TAST team High Capacity Pumping (HCP) teams from Germany (THW) and Poland as well as a TAST team from Austria (SUA) participated in the exercise. Interaction between the teams during the exercise has been highly satisfactory.

Further information can be found on www.modexeu.com

12 Feb 2011 an EUTAC delegation visited the Support Unit Austria (SUA)

On Saturday Feb 12th, 2011 an EUTAC delegation visited the Support Unit Austria (SUA) in their home base in Vorarlberg/ Austria. Like EUTAC, SUA is an international operating unit which is specialized in supporting disaster relief missions. Their expertise is setting up radio communication on a big scale. Arthur Weber, head of SUA, explained the SUA concept and presented the equipment.
This meeting was also used to prepare an upcoming Module Exercise in March where both, SUA and EUTAC will participate.
Concluding Arthur offered a guided tour to see the call and dispatch centre of Vorarlberg, an impressive state-of-the-art control center for emergency response coordination.
It was a nice and informative excursion. EUTAC was appreciating the great hospitality of SUA.

31 May 2010: EUTAC Field Exercise in Graz, Austria

From 27 to 31 May, the EUTAC Field Exercise was conducted in Graz, Austria.

06 May 2010: Assistance to EU Assessment Mission Course, Cyprus

From April 24th til 29th , the EU Assessment Mission Course (AMC) was conducted in Cyprus. Katrin Runge, Marc Stog, Dimitris Pieroudis, Michalis Rouvas, George Georgiou, Vasiliki Koutsou, and Alexandra Dammann, members of the EUTAC TAST supported the course with their organisational and technical skills.

10 Mar 2010: Third Internal Training in Hamburg

The third internal JUH training was conducted from 5-7 March 2010. We continued with the preparation of the EUTAC equipment for the upcoming field exercise. For more information, see EUTAC TAST / TAST Training.

09 Feb 2010: Second Steering Committee Meeting

The second EUTAC Steering Committee Meeting was held on 08 February 2010 in Berlin.

25 Sep 2009: Pilot TAST Training Course in Tinglev, Denmark

The pilot TAST Training Course was conducted from 18 - 24 September 2009.

We have successfully managed our first training together and we would like to thank everyone again for your support, your enthusiasm and motivation, your fruitful input and feedback, your spare time – you have made this course a great memory and a lot of fun. Thank you!

For additional information, please check the section EUTAC TAST / TAST Training.